Belize Tours For Seniors

Altun Ha & Belize Zoo from San pedro Ambergris caye

The Belize Zoo is a small zoo with a big heart. Every species is placed in habitats that are similar to what their natural surroundings would be if they were still in the wild. Birds fly high in natural, enclosed canopies. Crocodiles lounge about in pools

8 Hours USD 156.25

Altun Ha & Belize Zoo from Caye Caulker

Come climb and explore the wonders of a Mayan Ruin followed by a Tour of the Belize Zoo where you can see the showcase of all Belize Exotic animals!!!

6 Hours USD 150.25

Belize Zoo and Baboon Sanctuary Tour from Belize City

Here you can get a look at the national animal, the Tapir (Mountain Cow), and smell why the peccary has its own place in the Belize Kriol language. You will feel as if you are truly in the jungles of Belize.

5 Hours USD 125

Altun Ha and Baboon Sanctuary from San Pedro

Come an Visit the wonders of an Mayan Ruin and explore the giant structure followed by a visit to a Baboon Sanctuary an see these majestic animal!!!

6 Hours USD 200

Altun Ha and Belize City Tour from San Pedro

Enjoy a adventurous visit at a Mayan Ruin followed by a very educational Belize City Tour!!!

6 Hours USD 180

Altun ha and Baboon Sanctuary from Belize City

Visit the Mayan Ruin and explore the building skill or the Mayan people, after take a fun trip to the baboon sanctuary and exhibit how baboon operate in nature!!!

6 Hours USD 160

Belize Zoo and the Museum of Belize Tour from Belize City

Come and visit all the exotic animals at the belize zoo, then take an educational tour around belize city where-by you'll get a brief understanding of belizean history!!!

5 Hours USD 125

Birding by Boat Cruise at Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary from Belize City

Come and enjoy a fun n smooth boat ride while viewing all of Belize's exotic birds and a nature at its best!!!

5 Hours USD 156.25

Belize Zoo, Cave tubing and Baboon sanctuary from San Pedro

Enjoy the wonders of the Belize zoo and it majestic animals, followed by a fun Cave tubing ride and a Visit to the Baboon Sanctuary !!!

8 Hours USD 250

Xunantunich, Cave tubing and Belize Zoo from San Pedro

Explore a Great Mayan ruin and it other surrounding structures, next take a fun Cave tubing followed by a stroll through the Majestic Belize Zoo!!!

8 Hours USD 235