San Ignacio

San Ignacio is a popular destination in Belize for adventure seekers. In western Belize, in the Cayo District, a visit to San Ignacio will provide you with an authentic taste of Belizean culture and place you near many of the most popular attractions. An unforgettable experience awaits you in San Ignacio, from Mayan ruins, caves, nightlife, and rustic, eco-friendly lodging. This region of Belize provides a real sense of the culture and way of life in western Belize. Despite receiving its fair share of tourists, the town doesn’t feel touristy at all. Even if you’re visiting Belize with kids, traveling alone, or traveling as a couple, there are many things to do in San Ignacio.

Traveling to San Ignacio is easy with this San Ignacio travel guide. It includes the top places to visit, the best tours and the things to do in the surrounding areas.



San Ignacio's top things to do

What San Ignacio, Belize, has to offer

There are roughly twenty minutes between San Ignacio and Guatemala’s border. Adventurers who want to tour some of Belize’s famous Mayan ruins or explore the dense jungles of Belize can use San Ignacio as their base. Travelers who are planning to cross into Guatemala from Belize can also stop here. 

There are many ancient archaeological wonders to see in Cayo District, including dense forest. 

A relatively small town, San Ignacio is the second largest town in the country. Fast food restaurants and American chains aren’t available in San Ignacio. Instead, the food served in these restaurants is fresh, homegrown, and prepared by locals. You’ll stay at boutique hotels and eco-lodges and shop at local markets and small businesses run by artists and pop-up vendors. 

It’s an ideal location for a slower pace of life, connecting with nature, and experiencing a different culture than one’s own.

Here are San Ignacio’s top things to do

It’s also fun to explore San Ignacio, too, even though many people stay in the town and explore the area around it. When visiting this area of Belize, here are seven things that will make your trip memorable.

  • Stay at a jungle lodge
  • to experience the ambiance of the town
  •  Spend some time in nature
    • Green Iguana Conservation Project
    • Medicinal Jungle Trail
    • Green Hills Butterfly Ranch
  • Visit Mayan ruins
  • View majestic waterfalls
  • Go on an underworld tour (ATM Cave)
  • Explore the Macal River by canoe, tube, or swimming
  • Take a day trip to Guatemala

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